Opinions On The Canon Power Shot SX150

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Use Eneloops or other low self discharge batteries.

Laif wrote:

I bought it for myself, however, I was only able to take about ten or fifteen pictures on fresh Duracell alkaline batteries each time before the low battery warning came on. I returned it as defective, but other reviewers were experiencing the same problem. I've heard the SX160 has better battery life.

Use Eneloops or other low discharge NiMH batteries and there is no problem. Alkaline batteries are very poor for these high drain functions and often give less than their stated mAh. The thing is to buy NiMH batteries that are sold pre-charged which means they will not self discharge and seem to function OK in the SX130 and the SX150. I used ordinary NiMH in my SX130 and they showed low battery quickly but Eneloops are fine. I also keep a couple of Lithium batteries as reserves as they also work OK and have a long life compared with Alkaline batteries.

I have found also with a Fuji that the low battery indicator can come on quickly but just ignore it and the camera will function OK for a lot more shots. The trigger voltage for the sensor is possibly just too high or the batteries are just a bit low voltage but useable.

Hopefully Canon have sorted out this bug in the SX160 as you have said but it is more an inconvenience with the SX130/150 than a terminal problem.

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