Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Yes you can mix OEM and Cone ink...

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Petruska wrote:

in the printer and Jon Cone states this on his site, but with a 3880 using refillable carts and piggy-backing the OEM and reset chips I don't believe that you can mix OEM and Cone, or others, refillable cartridges. I'm not an expert with this on the 3880 as I don't have one.

Bob P.

Bob, I bought a set of the Cone 80 ml size re-fillable cartridges for my 3880. I have installed two of these (LLB and Yellow) by using the original OEM chip from the empty pulled OEM cartridges and the other cartridges are the original Epson OEM Cartridges. I use bulk inks for all my Epson printers (including the 3880) and (as mentioned in another post) the results are excellent and with no noticeable change (for better or for worse) and using the same Paper/Printer Profiles as used when using all OEM ink cartridges. I have printed around 40 photos ranging in size form 4 x 6 to 17 x 25 with this cartridge configuration. So far, all is working perfectly.....

My comments are correct, however; your comments may be relating to when using the Cone NON Pigment inks. I use only Pigment inks and don't need to print many (Proofs, etc) to where it would be a ($$$) benefit for that purpose.

Using your example, if you were to replace the colors other than LLB and Yellow (leaving them as OEM because they are full)  with refillable carts then the refillables with the replaced OEM chips won't work.  That's what I was trying to clarify.  You need the correct mix of OEM and refillable carts to work correctly.

My comments are the same for Cone Pigment or Dye inks...

Bob P.

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