Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Yes you can mix OEM and Cone ink...

Sorry Vernon, my dislexia is kicking in. I thought I had read Inkjetfly.

I know their inks are also supposed to be quite good, but by their onw admition, their gloss is about "One Tick" down from OEM

I had bought a buch of "Empty" 3880 carts for their chips on Ebay, and to my delight, I reallized that they all contained about 10-13 ml of ink even when reading empty.

So after I also drained my original two sets of almost empty OEM carts, I have now accumulated about 4oz a piece of all OEM K3 colors. So I will be putting this ink to use on my R2400 and I also found on Ebay a pair of 4880 VM and VLM ( 120ml each for only $14 each ) which I will drain the ink from for my R2880. So I will be running OEM inks on both printers. I will also be experimenting with this OEM Magenta to replace IJC K3 Magenta to see if I can eliminate the gloss differential I am currently getting on reds, magentas and purples whan using IJC K3.

I love to research and experiment and I can profile these hybrids to some of my papers to see how they work. The goal is to achieve the highest quality ( that comes first ) at the most reasonable cost per ML.


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