Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

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Re: Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

arie wrote:

D Cox wrote:

A big solid tripod helps the image, too.

You will need some good samples to show what you can do, and a few big prints would help. How do you plan to produce prints? Do you have a reliable service lined up, if you are not doing your own printing.

Samples wouldn't be a problem - I have a lot of good samples from the last few years. I was hoping that I could leave the task of making prints up to the client. Is it SOP for the photographer to make prints on behalf of the client based on the ones they like?

I would be quite wary of letting the client print off their own photos. This is my take on the issue:

  • You lose control of the file. They say possession is nine-tenths the law. Look at this case where Apple is being sued by a Swiss photographer for misusing her photo which she supplied for layout purposes only, but was then used without permission for advertising. It may be worthwhile for her to pursue the matter in this case, but for the kind of jobs you're likely to get, it's probably not worth going to court over. Best not to give your client the opportunity or temptation to make unauthorised use of an image, more than is required to satisfy their contracted requirements.
  • You have no quality control over the final print. You'll be judged on the prints your clients will be showing to other people. It's in your best interests that they be printed well.
  • It's part of the service to arrange that your client receives a high quality product. You're taking responsibility for making sure they don't make the wrong decision about printer, paper, ink etc. The simplest way is to find a fulfilment service to handle your orders. They range from the high end, the reasonably priced good quality, cheaper but average, and the budget solutions. Have a look around for a local printer, they may be willing to offer a deal. You could also try offering a range of quality/price levels. In the UK, a company like Loxley Colour is used by wedding/portrait professionals. I've had prints done there and it's worth it for discerning clients. You should try to find a similarly printer servicing your area.
  • For special jobs, having your own printer may be useful. Either quick response jobs or for fine art prints where you have final control of the print. You could of course charge more for rush jobs. For large format or canvas prints, you can always get a print shop to handle these for you.


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