X-E1 Finally Arrives - No Surprises and a Sunrise

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Re: 'All Black' or 'Silver & Black'...?

burnymeister wrote:

Mark H wrote:

burnymeister wrote:

...The X-E1 is a very pretty thing...

So, your "very pretty thing", would that be the 'All Black', or the 'Silver & Black', body version?

All black. But I did go back and forth on that one! I think with the black primes it made sense to go this way. I always spice it up a bit anyway, with a shutter release 'bug' and a nice leather strap.

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Vern Dewit
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Are you planning to test the X-E1 on any incoming treks? Do you think you'll miss the weathersealing of the E-M5 (Which I'm guessing you're still probably using a lot?).

Everytime I see your shots it reminds me of how awesome is Western Canada, I can't wait to visit over there again!

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