PZ16-50 Barrel Distortion Correction

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Re: PZ16-50 Barrel Distortion Correction

DimitriDV wrote:

Jawed wrote:

If you want to retain the most pixels from the original file, then equirectangular panini does a pretty good job:

Preview of the crop for equirectangular panini

Great post, very interesting thanks! I compared with the camera-produced jpeg, and this has quite a bigger field of view! link to jpeg (resized and saved as png)

Thanks for the JPEG. That shows almost exactly the same picture as Lightroom with Constrain Crop turned on. When I used Lightroom I set the distortion amount to 50. This is "too much" compared to the JPEG. A bit less (e.g .48?) would be the same as the JPEG.

Now I "just" have to learn to work with the raw files with the correct programs but have a concrete example to aim to!

One thing that isn't obvious from this picture is that the alternative processing options I presented will only make vertical lines look straight. In general they will all have curved lines instead of straight horizontal lines.

Only rectilinear (the option that Lightroom provides or one of the options in Hugin) will produce straight horizontal lines.

EDIT: Actually, I forgot that the Photoshop "deflate" (negative inflate) will also produce straight lines.

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