Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

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Re: Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

Anders W wrote:

miketala wrote:

Lens rentals review of the PL 25mm f1.4 showed it to be worse than most of the available primes For m43. But it's a wonderful lens, one of the best for m43. A review based only on mtf50 results isn't worth much.

The 25/1.4 didn't do poorly in that test. It just didn't do as well as the very best, e.g., the 20/1.7.

And yes, the MTF values aren't the only thing worth knowing about a lens (as Roger often points out), but it sure is one of them. Since that's the case, I am grateful for what he does, particularly since, unlike other sources, he can tell us something about the problem of copy-to-copy variation, as he did in the 35-100 test.

So when you say the 25/1.4 is wonderful, what characteristics other than MTF do you have in support here

My understanding, though limited, is that mtf 50 is but one component of sharpness.  There are other mtf values that are relevant.

that its sort of like measuring the sweetness of a food by measuring only the amount of sucrose In it. The ignores that other chemicals contribute to sweetness, etc.

This is also not a measure of contrast, blur, and perhaps other important considerations

Just like how sweet a cake is doesn't tell you a darn thing about how good the cake is.

Honestly I find it stunning that one would review a lens without taking a single pic.

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