E1 and Epl1 on check...with some good lenses

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Re: E1 and Epl1 on check...with some good lenses

viorel wrote:

gfraser7 wrote:

I think in the 1st series the E1 showed a more realistic image than the over-sharpened Epl1 shot. I've never seen trees stand out like that except when I was back in the 60's and 70's when my vision might have been slightly askew from the hallucinogens I was taking.

Just saying...

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"Convictions are the enemies of truth..

Thanks for commenting, I forgot to mention, I didn't apply any post processing.

These are jpegs out of camera and sharpening on Epl1 is set at 0. The oversharpened look (on which you are right) I think it comes from combination of low AA filter and indeed, PL 25, that is a very sharp lens. Maybe I should tone down the sharpness on Epl1. On E1 is set at +5.

I agree with you that E1 files looks better, well, thanks for confirming

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I've tentatively sold my 11-22 AND 50-200 but I am keeping my E1 and 14-54.  It's not that I don't like the lenses, I love them.  But I need to get some other equipment so they gotta go.  I have an e500 and e520 to back me up.

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"Convictions are the enemies of truth..."

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