PZ16-50 Barrel Distortion Correction

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Re: PZ16-50 Barrel Distortion Correction

I'm excited by the prospect that this lens is significantly wider than 24mm equivalent. When using Lightroom's distortion parameter, instead of using the Constrained Crop option, a manual crop afterwards will reward me with a chunk of extra width. The resulting picture will have a 1.6:1 aspect ratio, rather than 1.5:1. Just a bit closer to filling a 16:9 monitor.

Sure, we don't know the real focal length, so it being "significantly wider" is a guess, but I'm not going to turn up my nose at some extra width.

On the other hand, a lens with say 1% barrel distortion will often produce pictures that don't need correction. This lens seems like it'll be the opposite, with almost no pictures getting away with no correction. I can imagine it getting a bit tedious.

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