Dog action shot with FZ200

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Re: Dog action shot with FZ200

Taz240 wrote:

Thanks Jacob for your comments, Kelpies are my favourite dog too, we have had a true kelpie once in our life also border collies, this dog Cassie is a whats called a rescue dog here, (she was found and was going to be destroyed by the RSPCA) we bought her from the pound and gave her a new life, she's a kelpie cross with Attitude


Phil: Wonderful action shot! That is a big time snap. It is hard to imagine how you could have captured it any better. You really need to tell the forum how you achieved it. I don't believe I have ever captured an action shot with such a precise and sharp focus in my life.

Taz, You are just going to have to post more pictures as you are an excellent photographer.


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