Using 70-200 vr 1 on FX Body?

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Re: Using 70-200 vr 1 on FX Body?

I use a VRI on my D800. It continues to be a very good lens!

Vignetting is not a problem for me; I shoot RAW and use Lightroom, where it cleans up easily/almost automatically. I guess JPEG shooters can enable an in-camera fix too.

It is pretty sharp already at f/2.8 in the centre and improves by stopping down a little. It is slightly softer at the longer end, but still very useable wide open -- in low light conditions, it is better to have a sharp shot than a more blurry one due to subject motion, so when needed I use f/2.8 also for that purpose.

The weakest point are the corners wide open at 200mm and at longer distances (landscapes). You need to stop down quite a lot, or crop slightly (1.2x is fine, maybe 1.1x can do also) or zoom out a bit to 180mm. But stopping down is also needed with the other zooms in the "trinity" range when you need corner to corner sharpness in landscapes.

For my uses, this last part is not a limitation. I use mine a lot at closer ranges and for portraits/performance type shots -- where the lack of focus breathing helps a lot.

I had my mind set on upgrading to VRII with the arrival of a D800, but after an adjustment at Nikon (I had some decentering issues with mine) I had a hard time justifying an upgrade and decided to stick to the VRI. It is definitely not as bad as some make it sound -- unless you have a faulty copy (which can happen).

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