XZ-1 pricing and human nature

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Re: XZ-1 pricing and human nature

sderdiarian wrote:

How I struggled a year back deciding between an XZ-1 and E-PM1 (which I ultimately selected).

I had a similar dilemma, but in my case sold off an LX3 (which I liked), and got the E-PM1.

... the E-PM1 had this silly small screen (2.3" useable area in 4/3's) but featured interchangeable lenses

Yes, that screen is really too small, and I've been spoiled by my other cameras with nice 3 inch LCDs!

Now the XZ-1 has dropped to $199, which I would have leaped at then, but I'm not jumping on it. Part of it is duplication of what my E-PM1 can do...

I jumped at the deal, and am VERY happy with my XZ-1. Especially, since I got the Olympus auto-open/close lens cap for about $20. Nice IQ (I usually shoot RAW+jpeg), of course not as nice as my E-PM1 with 20mm f1.7, BUT close enough that I'm considering selling my MFT gear. It's great to not have to fiddle with a lens cap, having a built in zoom range in a smaller camera, and being able to shoot macro/super-macro without need for other lenses. And I get to keep the wonderful Olympus colors, which I've always preferred.

Not decided yet, but with my XZ-1 and it's f1.8-f2.5 lens, and my FZ200 for the constant f2.8 from 25-600mm, this will probably most all of my photographic situations. And, I'm considering off-camera flashes and wireless triggers, which might help in other cases.

Still thinking about selling the MFT stuff, but in the meantime really glad I got the XZ-1 at a steal of a price.


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