Is sony Alpha DSLT/DSLR the right platform for learning photography and growth?

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Re: As a Nikon Shooter

I have to agree totally here. As a Nikon owner myself (D600), I see a lot of good goings on in the Sony DSLR lineup, especially the new @99. It actually has a little in common with the D600, I believe from what I've been reading. I am no pro at photography and I was introduced to Nikon (of that I am happy) but I am never too blind to not keep an eye open on other camera brands,, not to keep an eye on the opposition and stay one-eyed towards them, but to see if there is potentially anything worth owning in the future or even the present.

Sony's new @99 is certainly a camera that has caught my eye and I had looked at the possbility of owning one just before I bought the D600. It just so happened that the D600 showed up a lot earlier than the @99 so it was the one I bought. I'm not suggesting that the @99 and the D600 should be compared for which is the best for me and my sort, as I am not interested in that. I am saying that for many of us, photography is a hobby in which many of us seem to think we are the best at, when infact most of us probably couldn't take advantage of what most high end DSLR's have to offer. It's amazing how many EXPERTS there are in the world of photography. Don't count me in with them. I'd be quite happy with a @99, I'm sure. The only other thing that may have made me scratch my head with the @99 is the availability of lenses for them. I don't see anywhere as many Sony lenses around compared to the big two and even with me and my learning cuve, I have learned the importance of good lenses and having many to choose from.

To be honest, I'd love to try an @99 out... I'd also love to try a Canon 6D but I have a D600 and that's what I have to live with - happily so far...!!!

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