What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

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Understanding the world of King Ken


He get's his slice of the cake by generating clicks to commercial websites. This causes him to spread a lot of conflicting information through his website. If he feels he can get more clicks by claiming brand X or product Y is the best he will.

Compared to the D800, the D600 probably appeals to a larger group of consumers. This makes it rather lucrative to recomend the D600 over the D800, and so he does.

Appart from that, Ken obviously is an enthousiast when it comes to photographic equipment, so there defenately are articles worth reading on his site. Nevertheless, most of the content you'll find on there should be taken with some reserve. He writes what you want to read. It makes the site compelling but rather unreliable and you could blame him for misinforming visitors out of personal interrest.

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