damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

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Re: It's not just landscapes that benifit

Hotphotons wrote:

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Hotphotons wrote:

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Hotphotons wrote:

From this video demonstration it appears the D600 is better at this than the Canon 7D which I believe is in the same class as the D7000.

You believe wrong. The 7D is not even close to the D7000 so far as DR is concerned.

How about commenting on the substance of the post instead of just cherry picking one thing I have wrong?

Are you saying the D7000 has DR equal to the D600?

The one thing I cherry picked was the one thing that you were using to back up your argument. No, the D7000 has not quite the DR of the D600, about half a stop less, but still enough to do a lot of the things being talked about in the thread. In fact, it was the D7000 that brought to light the potential of a high DR camera for a lot of us.

Ok so you just admitted I am right - the D600 should produce a better result than the D7000 even if it is small.

Well, that depends on whether the scene being captured had over the DR of the D7000 or not.

I was not pinning my argument on the 7D being comparable to the D7000 it just happened to be what they were comparing the D600 too in the video. They were showing the capabilities of the D600 and it's ability to pull details from shadows and highlights.

I was pinning my argument on superior noise and DR of the D600 which you admit is correct.

Did you not read the part where I said this:

"It is my understanding the D600 has lower noise and greater dynamic range than the D7000 so I would expect to recover more detail at lower noise levels from shadows and highlights with the D600."

Only the shadows, if you expose for the highlights. And that depends on the shadows being too far down for the D7000, and not too far for the D600, so within that window, you are right.

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