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it was probably around 5-8 m away. So, is the answer to increase the ISO so I can stop down a bit and shoot at a faster speed?

Wider depth of field and faster shutter speed will help to get the shots you want, how you get there is your choice. I always try to use the lowest iso I can.

It's hard to gauge the ambient light level looking at these, but just taking a wild guess I would imagine you're roughly around 12 ev. At your distance and set to iso 6400 I would probably use 1/500 and f4 as a starting point. That would give you a depth of field of 1.6-4.3m, more than enough to get both the horse and rider into sharp focus.

If you want tighter dof (1-3m) and slightly higher IQ, you could use iso 3200 and 1/500 at f2.8. Also, take into consideration these suggestions are made with your camera set to base ev, so you'll need to adjust if you continue to shoot at -1/3.

Thank you for the information.  I set 6400 as the ISO to try and get a fast speed.  I then opened up the aperture for the same reason and ended up with 1/240 set by the camera.  If I tried your settings, wouldn't I be very underexposed?    What would be your method given the situation?

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