Nikon vs Canon customer service?

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Re: Nikon vs Canon customer service?

mguedes wrote:

Well, I moved from canon where I had (10D, 20D, 50D, 5D, 5DII) and lots of lenses and I can only say good things from canon support. had the need to do some lens calibration and also a broken 50mm and always experienced fantastic service.

I moved to nikon 6 months ago (D800) because of the obvious superiority in sensor design since the D3. Better IQ, DR, flash system, ...

But, from what I'm seeing until now with this Focus Issues and lack of QC from Nikon, I'm starting to question if it was the right move... My D800 and lenses are currently at Melville being serviced for the infamous left focus issue.

Now, I'll be really able to compare the quality of support between Nikon and Canon.

My impression until now and dependent of the current service outcome is that Nikon has better camera designs but Canon is more focused in production quality and customer support.

Nikon products seem to be more dependenton customer luck, if you get a good copy fantastic, if not you are kind of screwed... Canon seems to be more consistent and reliable...

Kind like a comparison between italian and german sports cars... Everybody loves ferrari, but porsche is so much more reliable...

But if Nikon improves the quality of support I'll stay with it... I'm waiting to see how their support will behave with my issues...


Please let us know how it will turn out and good luck.

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