New OM-D. Now for the lenses.

Started Nov 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
drxcm Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: New OM-D. Now for the lenses.

In a similar situation, I have some old manual focus primes from other systems kicking around so will try those out, but after a few good AF lenses for my new OM-D.  I have the 14-140 from my old GH1 too.

I do plan to keep the 12-50 though - purely because it is weathersealed (might be handy) and has macro functionality.

Looking at the Panasonic 25mm f1.4 at the moment, but played with in the shop yesterday, and the chattering noise really put me off laying down that much cash.  I have a 26mm f1.1 c-mount lens, so that F-length is covered, but want something with a bit less distortion and character.

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