Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

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Re: Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

You will need to have multiple camera bodies... Even though th eNEX-7 can do some amazing shots, it still comes down to the DSLR like Canon or Nikon with good fast lenses.

I did the whole professional thing on the side paying my taxes and having a business license.

It's hard and people expect something for nothing these days. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has a DSLR now thinks he is a professional photographer. The definition of a professional photographer is someone that can do photography and get paid for it... When I was doing weddings and events, I had $10K in gear and I got tired of keeping up with the other guy.

The industry has is ever changing very fast now... So I sold my DSLR gear and went to smaller faster lighter gear that I enjoy using doing what I want to do.. Shooting what makes me happy, etc.  Every now and then I get orders for prints that I take using my NEX-7 which WILL produce a 30x40 print quite nicely and looks great on canvas and other surfaces for my landscape shots.

It is a significant investment in time and money... I highly recommend working along side another established well known professional photographer for a while (FOR FREE) to have then show you the ropes and what is actually involved in what your interests are. I was lucky to spend a few years working with Master Photographers that showed me the ins and outs of the business. Also the software and gear they use and why.. You take out of it what you need and then develop your own style.. The idea is not to copy everything they do. But to become your own photographer and have your own style and plan on what you want to offer...

Hope this helps.

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