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On the other hand...

peter mort wrote:

N1 strategy changed when the J1 and V1 prices had to be lowered for them to sell.

The J1 at a low price is a good alternative to a compact camera hence it sells very well into that market. The v1 though reduced in price does not compete well with features at cameras priced higher. The NEX 6 feature mix is very compelling with a built in flash and a good hand grip. The weight and depth including lens are very similar to the V1. Provide the Sony EP Z lens is as good as the Nikon 10-30 then NIKON will have a very serious competitor.

The NIKON J2 follows the J1 pricing concept. The NIKON stategy for the V2 is unclear.

The cuurent feature mix is not competitive and reducing price I beleive will not satisfy the potentil buyers who will pay more for the correct mix (who wishes to buy a flash gun because it was not built in??).

The NEX 6 has set the benchmark; it will be interesting to see NOKON's response.

The V2 is almost a brilliant package as an add on accessory for Nikon DSLR users who want a cheaper way of getting massive focal length out of their existing Nikon glass. Even the humble 55-200 turns into a nearly a 150- 600mm lens on a V2. The experience of using the setup as a 2nd camera is pure DSLR with a proper grip and EVF over the sensor. The user interface is the same as the DSLR's and the little camera is light to carry around when not in use. Its the ideal birding and sports camera for weekend amateurs who look at the big Nikon lenses with shock and awe.

I say almost brilliant because Nikon have not enabled continuous focusing via the adaptor, which is a pity but far from a dealbreaker.

So a camera that may not make too much sense as a stand alone proposition is a brilliant accessory for anyone who is into the Nikon DSLR system in a serious way and there are a lot of those people.

I hink Nikon should give the adaptor away for free with the camera and promote it as a DSLR accessory. That way it will be a unique proposition in the market.

The J2 is a different story, Nikon should keep its price low and promote is as an alternate camera to the high end compacts like the RX100 which it should undercut.

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