SEL35F18 or a bunch of manual lenses+adapter; which to buy?

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: SEL35F18 or a bunch of manual lenses+adapter; which to buy?

howardleeming wrote:

I have been reading these posts re legacy lenses with interest, and am considering getting a prime as a walk around lens to use in place of the Sony 16mm 2.8.

I thing I'd consider the sigma 19 or 30 2.8  ;they are AF lenses on nex and have an excellent IQ and few expensive

I'm thinking about low cost lenses. The price of the new Zeiss 24mm is way too much for me.

If i go for an old MF lens, and i adjust the aperture using the ring on the lens, what do i set the Nex-7 to?

I use to run nex7 with MF lenses in speed priority mode so I still can have auto iso

How do i know which of the old lenses will do AF on an Nex-7?

no old lens but minolta AF lenses with the rather expensive sony adapter will be AF

Are there any low cost/good IQ lenses that will do AF and also adjust aperture using the Nex-7 aperture control?

apart from sigma, I don't see any

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