Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

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OK, it's popular

Yes, it seems the rear LCD is popular, but my point may have been missed somewhat, or maybe I phrased it poorly.

I'm not opposed to having the rear screen, especially on cameras such as most DSLRs where it's a comfortable fit and adds little weight. The rear LCD on my Canon 60D is a thing of beauty, right at home and much-used. However, currently the trend is to design small cameras around large sensors. A great idea and one that I'm all for, but one where the bulk of a rear screen seems a bit out of place.

I bought the NEX-7 specifically because along with its other great features it has a viewfinder. The NEX-6 appeals because it has a viewfinder and a manual mode knob. The NEX-5N? Wouldn't even consider it. I admit it; direct see-it, handle-it type controls are my preference.

The problem when I look at a camera like the RX100 is that I'm delighted right up until the moment I see that it doesn't have a viewfinder. Looking at the rear of the RX100 it's pretty obvious that there isn't room for a screen and a viewfinder and also the buttons are pretty tiny. But if the LCD was removed there would be depth enough for an electronic viewfinder and width enough for larger buttons or more hard controls instead of software controls.

So, as we have an RX100 and an RX1, it may be a fair bet that lurking somewhere is an RX10. If it had an APS-size 20-24MP sensor and a lens around 28-105/135 (35mm equivalent) and was as compact as that specification allows, I'd think about it. But not without a viewfinder. Without a screen, yes; without a viewfinder, no.

Geoff Bryant


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