Low light settings in FZ200

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Re: Low light settings in FZ200

Fishrman wrote:

RevsCam wrote:

Yea, critters like to come out at dusk. Not so good for photography. If I know I am going to be zoomed in I go shutter priority, not aperture priority, and set the shutter speed to 1/250 or higher. Some say the rule is 1 over the focal length, but that was a rule of thumb back in the analogue days before image stabilization. I have found I can usually get a good shot at 600mm if the shutter speed is above 1/250. Use the EVF - you get more stability with the camera resting against your head. But you will have to experiment for yourself and find your own minimum shutter speed.

At dusk you will need to raise the ISO. I try to keep it at 400 or less, even if the images are a little dark.

One can correct a lot of problems in PP. But a blurry image is not one of them.

Minimum shutter speed is grayed out. Maybe that will change if I select ISO 400. Nope, that didn't work.

In shutter priority mode, you set whatever shutter speed you want. Its your minimum.

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