My A99 A77 comparison

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Allan Olesen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
Re: Thanks to all

Steve West wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

  • If you crop the image from a large sensor, you are throwing away light.

Thanks for the explanation Allan. I would modify this statement. If you crop the scene, you do not throw away any light of the pixels left in your crop (each image point maps into to every single point in the lens pupil plane). This was the source of my confusion when you first stated this. It's more accurate to say that if you crop to fit a scene on your detector, you throw away light compared to fitting the scene onto the entire detector with the same lens.

My statement should be seen in relation to another statement earlier in my posting:

"Nowadays, noise in the full image is mostly a result of the total amount of light which hits the sensor"

And when you crop the photo, you throw away a portion of the total amount of light which has hit the sensor.

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