damn you sony, damn you. firs shot with the d600

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Re: It's not just landscapes that benifit

Big Ga wrote:

Hotphotons wrote:

bvd wrote:

My cheap d7000 can do the same

Can you post an example showing the same capability in a D7000?

Are you asking because you doubt what bvd said?

With the wink at the end (which only shows up while editing new post?) I wasn't sure if he was being facetious or serious?

I have no doubt you can do it with a D7000, you could do it with a point and shoot but will it do it as well as the D600?

It is my understanding the D600 has lower noise and greater dynamic range than the D7000 so I would expect to recover more detail at lower noise levels from shadows and highlights with the D600. I have a D7000 also so I will give it a try. My technique is in development so I would like to see some of bvd's examples showing equivalent performance to the D600.

From this video demonstration it appears the D600 is better at this than the Canon 7D which I believe is in the same class as the D7000.

Nikon D600 Review Part 4 - Dynamic Range Testing...WOW!


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