E-M6 + 17mm f1.8

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Would need to be 17.5mm f/1.0

Brian Mosley wrote:

Now would be a terrific time for Olympus to announce the (even) higher grade O-MD model together with the high grade 17mm f1.8 to outshine the Sony RX1... as an E-P3 + X100 owner, that would be a perfect upgrade for me.

Anyone else holding out for the big step up from E-P3?



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To equal the shallow DOF and low-light ability of the Sony RX1, you would need a 17.5mm f/1.0 lens.

There exists an f/0.95 lens made by a third party, but it doesn't seem very practical given it's sky-high price, large size and weight, and lack of auto-anything.

Furthemore, the RX1 is best compared to the E-PM2 and not the E-M series. The E-M series has features like built-in EVF, tilting LCD, weather sealing and 5-axis IBIS that the RX1 lacks.

So E-PM2 + 17.5mm 1/1.8 is the poor man's RX1. It's not going to have the extreme shallow DOF and low-light performance, but it is less than 40% the price, and you can use it with other lenses (even the useful and underrated kit lens which comes included), and put the 35mm f/1.8 lens on a future body, so it's definitely more cost effective and versatile.

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