G3 or No G3?

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Re: G3 or No G3?

rrr_hhh wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

The EPM2 is very tempting but has it inherited the OMD's problems?

To which O-MD problems are you thinking, which the E-PM2 could inherit ?

1) the E-PM2 doesn't share the same type of IBIS : it couldn't inherit problems from there. It could inherit the E-Pm1 IBIS problems however, although some difference in the design of the body could be linked to the need to find a solution to the E-Pm1 problems. Note that it seems that some think the IBIS problems are in fact shutter shock problems.

2) the external controls and handling of the E-Pms are so different than that of the E-M5 that I don't see what problems of handling the E-Pm2 could inherit from the E-M5.

3) as for the sensor they share, I can't see any problem coming from it.. It is only so vastly superior to the older Panasonic 12mp sensor.

4) the menu system of th E-M5 is often seen as daunting.. But it is not particular to the E-M5 : it is inherited from the Pens and (by hearsay even from the Olympus DSLRs)

So really I struggle to find out to which problems you are thinking. I'd be more worried about the IBIS/shutter shock which the E-Pm2 could inherit from the E-Pm1, than by anything it could inherit from the E-M5.

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On this forum alone, there have been many people complaining about issues with the OMD. Example, locking up with Panny lenses, banding issues, focus issues. They are all talked about right here on this forum.

So, that with the possibility that the IBIS (shutter shock?) has not improved over the EPM1, does not make the EPM2 a camera that I would rush out and buy.


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