The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

Hey Nikonfan99, now I understand why you don't see this issue that big of a problem, it's because you have better tolerance about dust on the sensor, that totally makes sense since you're a pro and you can manage to put the spot on the image to where it causes the least impact on that image, and you usually change the camera after 1-2 years anyway.

However, some of us are not professional like you, and we don't change the camera 1-2 years, and we are not that good at covering spots on the image either, D600 might even be the first DSLR or FX camera for us.  So, I'm betting most of us who cares about this issue would like to keep talking about it (you've done a really good job on this whether people like it or not), updating about it, and to see if things get better or worse.  And we are not just sitting in front of the PC, by keep posting thread on this topic will eventually get more people's attention, and people like me are making some more aggressive moves such as sending the camera in for repair,  bugging our local dealer about it (when they've had enough they will start bugging Nikon sooner or later).

D600 is a new camera that just came out, so it's way too early to conclude anything, right now I'd say this can end up in two ways: 1. Things get worse after generally 50,000 shots, then that's a nightmare comes true.  2. Things stay the same (Dust keep showing up but no sign of increasing) or get better, then we ought to gradually stop talking about this.  So, in the end Nikonfan99, if you can't change people's mind about this, why wasting your time on it? Or is this your way of making this issue into a bigger size of topic?  So why are you keep opposing this?  Isn't it great to share information and thoughts with each other rather than denying?  When the time comes the answer will show up, so let's let time do the job, after all this is not a scheme of preventing people from buying D600, it's a FACT the these problems do exist.

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