This is why I shoot Raw (img)

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A nice recovery, but flash settings off...

I think this photo is worth recovering, as I believe the bride would be happy with her smile, hair, and dress. That makes it worth recovering in post.

I think there's also something to be learned here, that the ambient exposure is pretty far off. Now of course I don't know the actual light levels at the reception, but based on experience, ambient was probably somewhere around f/2.8, 1/60th, and ISO1600. You'll want to balance at a point that freezes subject motion, and you're current ambient exposure tells us you're accomplishing that with flash alone, probably sonewhere around ISO200.

That works, but you're pushing your flash in a way it doesn't need to be pushed, and losing the ambient at the same time. A better way would be to bump up ambient exposure, say ISO1600 or 3200, and shoot at 1/125. Less flash, more ambient, better colors, and better battery life.


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