Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

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Your results look good to me

sgoldswo wrote:

Horshack wrote:

In terms of getting an acceptably sharp image, at least at the long end where it's likely to be used the most. Disappointing for a $1500 lens that is supposed to compete with the big boys from Canon/Nikon.

As someone who has used his a little, I don't agree, though I suppose that is predictable...

Yes, the results aren't as spectacular at 100mm, but I can't say I'm upset, it's still far ahead of any alternative zooms for the system (and competitive IQ wise with alternatives for other systems).

To say this is a F4 lens is nuts. Take a look at this, wide open at F2.8 (at 100mm):

Your post certainly indicates that the lens is good for its intended purpose, which is to take pictures of people at 100mm and at an f/2.8 aperture. The result shown above looks like it would be more than acceptably sharp for use in a wedding album or in a news article (which addresses the two main types of photographers who need a lens like this).

I wouldn't buy one because I don't do this type of photography, but if I was a wedding photographer using m43, then yes, I'd grab one.

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