Are we now American?

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Re: Are we now American?

jon404 wrote:

Are you now American? Well, you could be. Wherever you are, talk to your politicians, and ask them to apply to be a United States Territory, like Puerto Rico. This will make you part of the United States without having to pay taxes... and you can fly to neat places like California without having to go through immigration and customs. And you can buy photo gear from Amazon in dollars without having to bother with all those euros or pounds or rubles or yen.

Being a Territory is cool. You can pledge allegiance to a flag that has more stars than any other, and learn to appreciate baseball, which is the only game besides soccer where you can go to sleep, wake up, and find that absolutely nothing has happened. And the US is a photographer's dream! Three thousand miles of possible images! With fine dining at McDonalds from coast to coast, unlike in other far-flung places, like Kazahkstan.

Seriously now -- I've read a lot of posts about how much more photo gear costs in Europe. Think about taking your next vacation in the States (or in Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands). Amazon will ship to your motel in only 2 days, VERY reliable. Then just take that new (or used) Leica back home, and save enough money to pay for your trip! Something like that.

P.S. If you're British, please write your Queen and ask her to invite us to join your Commonwealth.

LOL I <3 your humorous post. I used to see Bermudians flying back to Bermuda, wearing 3-5 layers of clothing so they wouldn't have to pay the tariffs on those pieces of clothes .

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