16-35 2.8L II - what to expect?

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Re: 16-35 2.8L II - what to expect?

Airbus5466 wrote:

Thanks a lot for very good answers. I'm using a polarizing filter on it. I know of potential arteffects in the sky, but besides this should I avoid using this filter? What does pol filters do for iso? To get the best result in photographing a group of people for example, should I avoid the 35 mm setting and use f-stops above 3.5?

Some pictures looks grate, other don't....

Polarizer is dark and takes away 1 to 2 EV, depending on brand and type. It can make skin look unnaturally matte and I noticed some weird effect on dyed hair. It makes colors look more saturated, may help with some extreme highlights caused by reflections, but the overall contrast of the scene decreases. Many polarized images look... well, polarized.

With regards to photographing groups with this lens, I would keep as close to 35mm as possible, because very wide settings will distort people near the edges. Stop down to get all people in focus.

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