which NEX camera for travelling?

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Re: which NEX camera for travelling?

3t3P wrote:

I've got a year of travel ahead if me ... I want to get into photography as a hobby.
I refuseto take an SLR up a mountain.
Should I wait for the 6 to come down in price or get a 5N at a stonking price?

For value, I don't think you can beat the 5N at it's current price; can't even touch it.

For traveling (in particular a mountain), I'd seriously consider the RX100 instead.

What ever you end up with, buy this guy's book(s):

The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha NEX 3, C3, 5, and 5N Mirrorless Cameras by Gary Friedman
http://www.friedmanarchives.com/NEX-3-5/index.htm I have this one and it is the one to have.

Or ...

The Complete Guide to Sony's Cybershot RX-100 by Gary L. Friedman

If you want to learn photography on a Sony camera, this is the absolute shortest path to begin.
And... it comes as an eBook you can read on your trip from an iPhone or iPad (I use the iPhone 4S, the type on the PDF is a little small, but the Retina screen is readable if you double tap illustrations, etc.).

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