The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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The issue of dust is something that a lot of pros have dealt with for a long time and when you move from a d40, d60, d80 or d90 to a d600, you are going to a different system and need to understand that it comes with new ways of technique and care. How people think this is a new issue is beyond me.

You don't understand what the issue is all about. It's not about presence of dust or oil spots on the sensor. It's about the abnormal intensity of their presence. It's not about the nature of the issue, but its degree, as explained by LensRental here, where they clearly acknowledge that all DSLRs will end up with a few spots on their sensor, but that their sample of D600s requires constant cleaning and has more dust / oil spots than usual :

I actually do understand. I speak english just fine and referencing lensrentals does nothing for this. They also dont do wet cleanings. If you watch the video that talks about how they deal with the sensors. They call wet cleaning "a pain in the ass" instead they use all the tools that nikon would not use. The wet clean method is the suggested method for professional shops to ensure you are starting out with a really clean sensor. I also dont put a lot of weight on what they are saying because my d7000 is the same way and if you read up on the d3 and d300 you would find the same thing. Can you explain now how these previous units do the same thing? This is nothing new and these boards are what keeps this issue growing and making it bigger.

I'm starting to doubt your abilities at reading English.

They clearly write : "In general, about 1 out of 4 cameras requires sensor cleaning after a rental. All 20 of the D600s did." In the commentaries, Roger Cicala adds : "it isn’t about Nikon or Canon, it’s about D600s. All cameras get dust. D600s seem to get quite a bit more and it’s localized to one area." That definitely implies that there seems to be an abnormal tendency (with their D600s sample) to gather more dust on the sensor than usual with other cameras.

Whether this tendency will diminish with use or not cannot be determined at the moment. it's also perhaps, or probably the case that not all D600s are affected.

Oh, and whatever their cleaning method is, it's the same for every single camera they own, so that's a variable that can be taken out of the equation.

Also, I'd tend to put more weight on somebody who has a larger than average sample of cameras to play with than one who has only one body per model.

Finally, I'm getting a bit tired of people dismissing camera forums on the ground that they make issues "bigger". After all, it's "these boards" that can warn users of the left AF issue with the D800, or the 1DIII / 1DIV focusing issues, Canon's 40mm issue, the EM5's banding with the 20mm, or any other camera issue for that matter. They may sometimes amplify the signal beyond what it deserves, but most of the time, there actually is a signal to amplify.

Okay so it gets more dust is the assessment. And the d3, d300 and d7000 get more dust. I had two d90's and sent one in for sale to b&h this week. And still own a d70. The d90 and d70 stayed clean and my d7000 has dust? Where is nikons fix on that? My d7000 is also about 7 months old so since the camera came out in what 2010? should the issue not have been fully fixed? MORE DUST or LESS DUST is very subjective and is based upon a lot of factors and I am not saying the d600 has no dust issue...IT HAS IT but I am saying that people need to maybe consider the fact that nikon is not a long term problem solver kind of company. Care to argue with that? just read about the history of issues that never get fully resolved. Sending in your camera with hope and dreams is not going to fix anything. Complaining is not going to do it either. Care to take a look at the d800 issues?

People hear things and they go looking for issues. This means a person that was not even aware of dust because it never impacted the images now starts to shoot walls and sky because they wanted to come on here and read about a setting and are like "hey what is this about let me check". Case in point that people starts looking for back focus and front focus and start going crazy and start asking if a camera has an issue and start maling things away thinking they have an issue and it starts a trend. All I need to do is look for a scartch and take a photo and post it and next thing you know you get people looking for it and start posting....and the issue that was not impacting anything turns into something.

Here Jared Polin explains it and this is how I feel about the d7000

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