XZ-2 review by photographyblog

Started Nov 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
chafouin Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: fuji xf-1

On top of the automatic video mode, reviews point that the XZ-2 is not so great in low light compared to the G15, LX7 or P7700, and obviously the RX100... I was ok to forgive the lack 1080/60p, I could be ok to forgive the automatic control in video, but if it fails in low-light...

Also the noise is already quite present at ISO 400. I can't open ORF files since I can't download the Olympus Viewer, I would really like to see what can be done in post. From what I saw, I almost prefer the pentax Q grain, it has an organic look that I appreciate even at ISO 6400, and its files are easy to improve in lightroom.

Man, I waited months for the XZ-2, I would be really sad to end up buying a RX100, especially if its price stays identical to its launch price...

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