Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

jtoolman wrote:

It will work beautifully on your PRO3880.

But are you running refillable carts on your PRO 3880?

So far still on OEM carts, in an attempt to use as much of ALL of them I already baught 3 new carts, but I must stop it now as it is an on-going story and I do not print enough.

That said I do have a complete brand new IR I-Refill kit still in its shipping box since a full year now including its IRK4 ink set ....... all unopened, that ink must be bad by now

I really feel a bit ashamed as I got this kit free from IR .....  (Amanda I am so sorry)

The fact is I am also a bit afraid by those large protruding carts as with my low use, I wonder if the ink in there won't turn bad ? ( and also the space it takes ).

One reason I was very interested in your experiments with the smaller refillable carts (that I do not have yet).

A by the way question : If I stick with Cone's pigment inks, is it possible to mix their ink carts with the current OEM ones ? That would be a good way to phase them out, but will not do any good if ever I decide to go dye...

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