What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

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Re: What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

jon404 wrote:

What's wrong with Ken Rockwell? I've seen a lot of posts on DPreview that really put this guy down. But when you look at his website, there is a wealth, a treasure-trove of very clearly written information. Useful! Both about cameras -- film and digital -- and about photo techniques. I'd think that anyone who can write so clearly about photography would get a medal, instead of carping criticism. What am I missing here?

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Ken Rockwell has admitted that he hasn't even touched a lot of equipment that he has reviewed on his site.  That doesn't seem to bother many but some like to hear advise from those talking from experience rather than internet research.  In my opinion KR is simply wrong too often but I can understand his need to "steer" his readers for higher link profits.  Nothing wrong with utilizing his "treasure-trove" of info, just keep in mind it is often wrong.

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