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Re: Thank you all......

griddi wrote:

HI to all you RAW shooter's,

it was not my intention to nearly start WW3 here, just asking why so many are obsessed with shooting RAW, which has  been answered, with some very helpful comment's, which helped me to start thinking about using RAW too, and to all these of you, I say " Thank you "......

To the others, with their unfriendly, silly comments etc. I say ( mildly ) " Get a life....."


I came to shoot exclusively in RAW by a slightly different route. When I bought my camera I really knew nothing about RAW. I shot all jpgs, and would be frustrated when a shot that I loved otherwise was less than it could be because I got the WB or exposure a little wrong. If I got every shot just right I'd probably still be perfectly happy with jpeg, but I learned about how RAW gives more latitude for correcting some mistakes in post and started shooting RAW+jpeg so I'd have a backup in case I needed to do some serious editing.

After trying this system for a little while, I found that it was really slowing me down in two distinct ways:

1) I was filling up the buffer too quickly in some circumstances and camera performance (shot to shot time) was really terrible in RAW+jpeg.

2) When reviewing my images on the computer now instead of just deciding to keep it or toss it I had to decide first which shots were good enough to keep as they were. Then I had to decide which were good enough to save but needed work in post... and whether the ones that needed work were better than the ones that didn't need work... etc etc

It was taking me longer to decide what I was going to do with each photo than it would have taken to just process all my raws, so I decided to drop the ooc jpegs just to streamline my workflow.

Now I go through once and cull the bad photos. I take 30 sec or so for each group of pics that have similar exposure WB issues, develop them and export a "proof set" of downsampled jpegs of the keepers from a given day of shooting. Generally that's it. I archive my RAW files and  post my favorites of these jpegs on my picasa page to share with whoever might be interested. If I want to make a print I go back to the raw and take a little more time to make a file that's optimized for the output size I want.

So i started out with RAW as a backstop against my imperfect technique, but now use RAW exclusively because I find it to be more convenient.

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