The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Nikonfan99 wrote:

1. I actually always check my equipment prior to a shoot. This is what most pros do. I have now had this camera for over a month and still have the same three spots that showed up. Only one spot shows up below f16 and is very faint at f5 and shows up in a solid light colored spot top left only. I just did a 300 image shoot and the spot could not be found under the closest inspection. Camera is at 900+ shots and still same three spots.

Nikonfan99, any specific reason why haven't you cleaned your stained sensor after 900+ shots?


I will clean it when it actually starts to impact my images. Since this is just like my d7000, I only will clean it when it becomes a issue. I have a d7000 with 4 spots on that too and since they dont impact my images, I leave it be. I have used that camera and never seen it actually show up in any images. I am testing this d600 to see just how much more dust will be added and at what point. This is not as huge as people want to make it. At least it is not oil like my d7000.

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