The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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The issue of dust is something that a lot of pros have dealt with for a long time and when you move from a d40, d60, d80 or d90 to a d600, you are going to a different system and need to understand that it comes with new ways of technique and care. How people think this is a new issue is beyond me.

You don't understand what the issue is all about. It's not about presence of dust or oil spots on the sensor. It's about the abnormal intensity of their presence. It's not about the nature of the issue, but its degree, as explained by LensRental here, where they clearly acknowledge that all DSLRs will end up with a few spots on their sensor, but that their sample of D600s requires constant cleaning and has more dust / oil spots than usual :

I actually do understand. I speak english just fine and referencing lensrentals does nothing for this. They also dont do wet cleanings. If you watch the video that talks about how they deal with the sensors. They call wet cleaning "a pain in the ass" instead they use all the tools that nikon would not use. The wet clean method is the suggested method for professional shops to ensure you are starting out with a really clean sensor. I also dont put a lot of weight on what they are saying because my d7000 is the same way and if you read up on the d3 and d300 you would find the same thing. Can you explain now how these previous units do the same thing? This is nothing new and these boards are what keeps this issue growing and making it bigger.

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