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Sharky12 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have the GH1 with the 14-140 and 25mm (1.4) lens. Although it's served me well so far, I do find it struggling in low light (high iso conditions). I've been waiting for the GH3, but now I am not sure if it's the camera for me. My requirements are:

* lightweight and portable (the GH1 was about the biggest I wanted to go. Anything bigger and I might as well get the 650D or D5200)

* Better performance in low light conditions than the GH1

* Better overall IQ than the GH1.

* I hardly shoot video, so this isn't a deal breaker for me.

The GH3 is is much heavier and bulkier and more expensive than I expected. So it got me looking at other alternatives and narrowed it down to the new G5 or GH2.

The G5 has good reviews but I'm not sure how good the GH2. It had great reviews when launched, but does it still hold it's own in terms of high ISO and IQ in todays competition.

Would appreciate some thoughts and advise on this.



The GH2 and G5 uses a very similar sensor (if not the same). ISO performance on the G5 is better by about 1/3 stop with shadow noise which makes it negligible in everyday shooting. Where I'm at the GH2 is still slightly more expensive but I still had a tough time deciding between the two cameras.

Like you I hardly shoot video but I wasn't liking the idea that the G5 had no manual control in video at all. No mic input as well. The GH2 also has a slightly better build and more physical controls. Other than that, the G5 is basically slightly better than the GH2 in almost every way, electronic shutter being the cherry on top.

I went for the G5

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