how REALISTIC is Olympus 25mm f/1.8 for $200-$250 RUMOR

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Re: I have a Sigma 19mm, very impressive lens indeed

007peter wrote:

bryanbrun wrote:

Get the Sigma 30mm 2.8 at $200. If you buy the Oly 25mm in 2 months, so you sell the Sigma for $175 on ebay.

True, but I find constant Buying/Selling tiresome. I'm still trying to sell some of my canon gears, so I rather not add one more lens to the stuff I need to sell

With the entry by Sigma and other 3rd parties, we could be seeing pricing pressure on Oly to release lower priced lenses.

Agree, when I discover Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN, I lost interest in panny 20mm f/1.7

The Sigma 30mm focuses very fast. Much faster than the kit lenses. Af is silent. The Panny 20mm AF is so noisy that it is useless for video.

Agree, AF speed is very impressive

The Sigma 30mm allows for a decent amount of background blur with portraits. Bokeh is better than the Panny 20mm. You also don't get the facial distortions you see when using the Panny 20mm for portraits.

Likewise for Sigma 19mm, that is why I also want a 25mm-45mm portrait lens

The Sigma 30mm is sharper than the kit lens, and nearly as sharp as the Panny 20mm

There are some debate who is sharper. SLRgear result on Sigma 30mm is indeed awesome, lensrental crown 20mm f/1.7 as the sharpest lens for m4/3. For me, the debate is pointless. What is so amazing about Sigma is the Price/Performance ratio. How sigma can make a sharp prime for so cheap, and that give the fuel to the possibility of an Olympus 25mm f/1.8 for $200-$250

Totally agree.

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