Amazon open box deal on A77/16-50

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Re: Amazon open box deal on A77/16-50

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It's a great deal! Very tempting too.

I'm just curious though - what happens Sony's original warranty when a product is returned and re-sold? I mean I'm curious to find what the Sony's official take on it is.

Thank you.

amazon warehouse deals are considered used, without warranty.... outside if the 30 day return period

True, the camera did not come with the Sony warranty - which is why I bought the one year warranty for $45. Amazon does include a 30 return period. This seemed like a better deal to me than getting a used one on ebay with only the remainder of the warranty period available (if the seller includes the receipt). It is not clear to me why the original Sony warranty is not valid though. It seems like the remainder of the warranty should be usable - just like if you bought the camera from the original owner. I guess it is some type of agreement that Amazon has with Sony.

I think all Amazon warehouse deals are that way, not just Sony. Also, it may be missing paperwork and the original box.

Still an awesome deal. 30 day return should cover you, and its definately better than buying used on ebay. I would jump on it, if I didnt just buy my A65, after selling my A57. That was only 4 months after selling my A550 for an A57.

I did read where it could be repackaged, but the "like new" ones are supposed to come with everything that was originally included.  I guess I will find out in about a week.  As you mention, I will have 30 days to return (I think it is actually 60 days starting Nov 1st for the holiday season) so it seems pretty risk free there.  I figure if Sony comes back with the orginal Rewards deal that I missed out on, then I can return this one and get that one if I feel the need for an untouched one.  Somehow I doubt that deal will resurface this year though.

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