Big Zoom, small sensor cameras and low light

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Re: Big Zoom, small sensor cameras and low light

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There has been much talk about night pictures with the P510 and other cameras..This combination just about guarantees that it will NOT be a good low light shooter..ALL cameras have their compromises. Try putting a Nikon D4 in your pocket..Excellent in low light, doesn't fit in the pocket..Large sensor,few pixels,2.8 lens and you can almost shoot in the dark..But, the more lens you hang on it, the more it will struggle in low light..You have to get light to the sensor..Cameras are tools....If you need to cut down a tree, you use a chain saw.If you are doing intricate woodwork, you use a scroll saw. Cutting metal, get a hack saw..I am very glad my P510 does what it does as well as it does. I don't expect it to do everything..That is why I carry two cameras..Jimmymac

I think you're dead right and every photographer has to have at least two cameras (I'm not speaking about DSRL with several lenses). Trouble is when you're not quite a photographer and you'd like to carry just ONE all purpose P&S camera. With the progress of technology such cameras exist and one is P510. What do you think about this night landscape?

I think the despite the limited exposure time (4", which is maximum) it's very good!

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Augustin... you are right about night shots are nice in P-510... your picture is nice...!!! but I think so... Rimshot is not talking about that... instead he talk about standard shots, in many dayly conditions where the light is low... and he is right... P-510... in low light... in example strong shadows... with normal shutter times... is not so good... , you abundant noise.

P-510 has a mode, i didnt tested yet... wich make "on camera" noise reduction similar to some software programs made at computer before... camera takes many shots, and detect noisy pixeles comparing many shot... in example... 3 shots... if a pixel in 2 shots is black... but in 1 shot is red... camera become it black... i never tested this mode before...

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I didn't want to add this argument and post the above pictures I took with my P-510 as I thought they were awful. Awful, not because of the camera, but because I took them through a window screen and it took some effort to get the camera to focus on everything out side and not the screen. It also looks very blurry because of the window screen. The blue light seen in the picture sort of plays with the camera with some not realistic effects. I have taken a few other pictures where the lights do not mess with the camera but wasn't using a tripod and they are very blurry. BUT, these pictures were taken in very little light and when compared to the naked eye, the pictures are much brighter. At least to me, this shows the P-510 does better in low light then I expected. Not saying I wouldn't like it to be better, but for what I can get out of this camera for the $400 I paid for it, and have it not be a DSLR, I am extremely happy and think asking for more would be unreasonable when looking at what is currently possible with other cameras.

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