How can I make photos like this?

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Don Daugherty Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: How can I make photos like this?

That's a valid question and will elicit quite a few opinions.

My opinion:  It's the photographer.

The camera is a tool.  A great chef isn't great because he/she has great pots and pans.  On the other hand, tools aren't without their importance.  To use the chef analogy once more, a great chef would struggle if limited to a rudimentary set of tools.  There's a reason that some of the greatest photographers have a number of tools in their toolbox.

More opinion here:  I think that the way to begin down that path of becoming a better photographer is to do what you are doing, appreciate others art.  The next step (at least for me) has been to ask myself why I appreciate it and what can I do for myself to begin to see those things around me (the story, the light, the juxtaposition of subjects).

Just my .02


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