Leica Lenses by release date

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jeff hladun
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Re: Leica Lenses by release date

Leica lens' quality seem to get better and better as time progresses. Erwin Puts discusses their performance in a way I think you'll appreciate:


He feels the Noctilux Aspherical can hold its own against all the 50mm iterations that came previously. As of yet, he hasn't evaluated the new version Summicron.

You're paying an awful lot for the Nocti IF low-light capture at night is your prime consideration. Low light is low light - usually artifical and awful - and I don't see photographs made anymore interesting because the light was captured with this lens. At night htere is either light or no light reflecting from objects. This doesn't change by using an f-stop of 0.95.

Better to buy a flash and bring your own light. It will allow you to control and regulate the lighting conditions; essentially you are smoothing out the dynamic range transtion. This will allow many more opportunities to capture the moment at hand. Filling in the void between light and dark doesn't happen because of greater ISO capabilities or using a faster lens.

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