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Gordon Ripley wrote:

First thanks to everyone who offerred their advice.

My friend has decided on the D5100 and the only caution was that I think he has some older Nikon lenses that will not auto focus on the D5100. Only AF-s and AF-I lenses will auto focus. He has also decided on the 18-200mm VR II lens. One reason is that having only one lens will cut down on the chances of him getting dust on his sensor. He is over 70 and not about to be cleaning a sensor I think! The best total cost for that camera/lens combination was found on Amazon and is $1075.95.

Finally, I even found a web site with suggested menu settings for the D5100 which will help him a lot until hwe gets to know his camera capabilities. I have offered him some time to teach him how to use his new gear and that will help as well. Thanks again.


If you have old lens without AF-S they will not AF on a D5100. You will have to test if they will meter. In this case, you/he will be better off with D90 or D7000.

If you don't mind starting in new the D5100 with the 18-55 VR kit lens is a good place to start. Add in a 35 1.8G for $199 & go shooting. Pair the kit lens with either a 55-200 or 55-300 to make a package. For sunny days a 16-85 VR & 70-300 VR make a great combo.

As for learning the camera, you can start out with the auto mode & all the different scene modes for different situations.

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