Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

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Re: Electronic Viewfinder - Drop Rear Screen?

I own the Nex5 (so no EVF), my next camera willl have one, but I would want an large LCD on the back too. There are so many moments it is a nice to have like:

Shooting from strange angles(overhead, low to the ground)
Setting up your camera settings (not just change one or two items, but preparing it for a special shoot)
When the camera is set on a tripod
When you want to show the results
For candid shots
But when you don't do stuf like that it would be nice to have a modular camera where you can decide what options your camera has:

So you choose the:
sensor (how many pixels, PD focus points or not, size etc)
the EVF (does it have one or not)
The flash shoe (when you don't use (external) flash why pay for a flash shoe?)
The LCD screen (no screen at all, normal screen, HR screen, touch screen etc.)
WIFI (Yes or no)
JPG engine (Yes or no)

in this way you can reate your own camera with the feartures you want... and only psy for those features...

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