G3 or No G3?

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Re: G3 or No G3?

REShultz wrote:

I'd love to get some input from G3 owners on IQ and the quality of the EVF. I've read reviews of course but have learned the most from people here in the past.

Great deal right now. I prefer Olympus colors but will shoot RAW. The other option is to wait for the EPM2 to drop in price in a few months. The IQ from that camera will almost surely be better, but no EVF aside of the add-on.

In any case, have you enjoyed the camera?

Thanks very much!

I have the G3 and an EPM1, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax and Nikon lenses.

I am quite happy with the G3. I find the colours far more accurate than the Olympus even after trying to adjust the Olympus. Out of the box, I did not like the Olympus colours.

People complain that the G3 is too small especially with longer lenses like the 100-300. It was the smaller sized body that attracted me to the G3 and I do not have a problem with the 100-300. However, I wish I could lock the joystick buttons. I partially solved the problem of accidentally pressing them by changing their function to focus point selection.

The EVF is larger than that of the OMD. While the OMD may be slightly better electronically, the fact that it is smaller, for me, negates any advantage. This also holds true for the VF2. (I have the VF3).

There are many things that Panasonic just do better than Olympus and vice versa but, for me, the G3 is my main camera and the one I would keep if I had to get rid of one.

Compared to the G5, the G3 does have a slightly better High ISO. This is important to me as I need the High ISO to keep the shutter speed up with the 100-300.

The EPM2 is very tempting but has it inherited the OMD's problems?


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