G3 or No G3?

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Re: G3 or No G3?

Pasmia wrote:

inlawbiker wrote:

It's the redheaded stepchild of Micro-4/3. It takes photos as well as any of the other bodies but gets no love. The EVF is really good too.

I thought the RHSC title went to the GF2... crap color rendition, crap ISO capabilities, crap controls, crap ergonomics. It did have a cool swivel flash though for bouncing! Oh, and a metal body. The G3 is all plastic.

Here we go again - someone who perpetuates a myth.

THE G3 IS NOT ALL PLASTIC. Even if it were, what is wrong with plastic?

Plastic, BTW, is a generic term and it is made from various materials. Fighter aircraft for instance, are partially made of "plastic"

I have many plastic items that are decades old and look just like new while I also have metal objects that are newer that are showing signs of corrosion.

Does having an all metal body make you a better photographer?


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